Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Banana Republic EXTRA50

I haven't been into Banana Republic since June when the lemon print dress was released. Or still available, at least. Nothing against the brand. My computer wouldn't access the products on any of the Gap brand websites for about the past month. It's finally working properly.

A new promo launched yesterday. BRTAKE50 gets an additional 50% off of sale items. A few of these I've been watching since close to the time they were released. The net prices are reallly good. This promo is also good in-store and ends tomorrow, 9/17.

Regatta Statement Necklace - I noticed this one awhile back. I love coin jewelry and this one is nice because it appears to lay flat, which means it will be noiseless.

Zuma Beach Long Pendant Necklace - It also comes in a turquoise color. Reconstituted turquoise, to be exact. I'd go for the grey.

Americana Bow Bracelet - I love a bow. It looks like it would mix well w/other bracelets.

Zuma Beach Statement Necklace - This! In this color. 

Ivonne Pump - Check out the leopard. Net $51

Golden Sands Necklace - This reminds me of J. Crew jewelry.

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Guest Review: Kate Spade Gerona flats review

There's nothing like finding your people online. I love receiving emails in which a fellow fashion lover wants to discuss a recent or possible purchase. Flower Power purchased these pretty flats . Here's her review:

Here are the Kate Spade Gerona flats in rose gold specchio that I just picked up half price from Nordstrom. They're also available at, now $154. They also come in black.

They are gorgeous - pics really speak for themselves - but I think they run a tad wide. I have narrow feet but size 6's always fit me. The length is good here, and they are comfy, but they feel way too loose on the back half of my foot. Not sure if the problem is the shoe or my narrow foot.

I probably would want to wear them all summer year. I wear flats every day because of my commute. They are sort of soft - am worried the leather would scuff. But I would just feel fab wearing them. The cutout kind of distracts from the wideness of the back half. I wonder if sizing down would help.

The shoes are amazing. I've been looking for metallic gold shoes forever - and rose gold is just a huge bonus. Luckily it's Nordstroms, so I can chew on it for a while. Mr. Flower Power loves them.

The Feeling

Thank you, Flower Power! The rose gold is pretty and I like the cutout. It's a nice bonus when the significant others love our choices, too. 

Kate Spade launched a Surprise Sale yesterday. I own the Wellesley Fallon, which you can see on my Instagram. I'm 5'0," to give you an idea of the scale. It's a big bag. I love it.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

kate spade outlet alessa wellesley review

If you didn't know, handbags that begin with style# WKRU are from the retail side. PRKU skus are items that are made for the outlet. This one is a retail bag.

kate spade alessa wellesley
grafyellow (797)

As of last Thursday, the entire store was 40% off. Because they're not handing out a coupon at the door, you can use the 10% outlet coupon on top of your purchase. They will only honor the coupon in-person. Believe that I've tried to have them apply it over the phone. No go.

I've been wanting a yellow handbag like this. Bright yellow. Not mustard like last year's Phillip Lim for Target messenger.

The only thing is that I have this exact style in mint and haven't carried it for some reason. I think the style is cute, but it's not my favorite. I love the crossbody, but it's almost like wearing a structured, slightly-too-big fanny pack. And who wants that? I don't, unless in an awesome color. Like the mint. That I've never carried. Going from memory, I would describe the leather as lightly pebbled. Definitely not saffiano, because I know I don't like that. And I would remember if the leather was completely smooth because I always have concern about knicks.

See the mailbox fanny pack? Love that color, though.

Pants (6) chambray drawstring pants (review)

The Feeling
A pass on the style for me, but I love the color. 

Now on sale at Kate Spade
Note the lola avenue rollins in loden green.

I realize there's no ordering outlet handbags online. You can have items shipped from the store. They call it a send/sale and it's a flat rate of $5. Any in-store promos will automatically discount items when they're rung up. And as I said above, the outlet coupons do not apply over the phone, in my experience.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

J Crew Factory neon pendant necklace review

Factory neon pendant necklace (B3728, $69.50) comes in saddle and venetian violet. The purples in the venetian violet are pretty.

Saddle - The necklace is heavy and doesn't feel cheap like some of the factory pieces. I love the colors.

Here it is with the button-down flannel (M) and warmspun colorblock zip sweater (S). I would try it with a necklace extender to bring it down a little bit, as another length option.

factory button-down flannel 

With the factory tweed-front baseball sweater (S). I really like the sweater. The body is full, but I like the look and wouldn't size down.

factory tweed-front baseball sweater

The Feeling

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Jenna Lyons' beauty picks - The condensed version. Plus, what I found in the wash.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

kate spade charlotte street sylvie review

I saw this handbag at the Kate Spade Outlet today. I was told that this is a retail bag. If you didn't know...

...handbags that begin with style# WKRU are from the retail side
...handbags that begin with style# PRKU are from the outlet side

This one has an outlet style# so I don't know if it's a retail bag and they re-did the tag for the outlet. Or, the salesperson gave me erroneous information and this is actually a made-for-outlet bag.

kate spade charlotte street sylvie
like style $398/our price $315

It's on sale for $279 + 40% off. The entire store is 40% off at the moment. You can use the 10% outlet coupon on top of your purchase.

old navy flip-flops- robbie red is a good color

The bag is an open top style, but has a flap that secures with a magnet, giving some privacy to your contents.

No "feet" on the bottom. I find that to be the case with many crossbody bags.

I was trying to think what would pair well with this pink. Yes to leopard.

Yes to solid black. The coat is Kate Spade Outlet and it's amazing. I think it's $545 or something budget crushing at the suggested retail price. Of course, you can usually get things on promo. I'm in a size 6. I tried on sz 4 on two other visits, but I think I'd go with a 6 to ensure that I had room for layers. I need to do a full review the coat when I get a second.

The Feeling

Now on sale at Kate Spade
Note the lola avenue rollins in loden green.

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