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Thursday, October 30, 2014

SmAcKdOwN: Madewell transport tote

I've seen the Madewell transport in-person and it's nice. The leather is good, looks and feels sturdy. I like that it can be monogrammed. The Nordstrom option is one third of the price, $48, and has great reviews. I haven't seen it in-person. Neither of the totes have 'feet' on the bottom, which keep the full bag from resting on whatever surface you put it on. I'm not sure if faux leather can be monogrammed. I suppose so. I've owned many faux leather bags and find that I don't carry them as much as real leather. I might be swayed by a special color in the Nordstrom option. I'd have to see it to be sure, though. Split decision.

The transport also comes in cabernet. Check it out on Audreybella.

Nordstrom also has another tote by Street Level. I prefer the shape of the one above. When totes run deep, horizontally like this, it starts becoming a cavern.
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Forever 21 has a plaid scarf, too.

Lookie, looky here. Forever 21 has a plaid scarf. It's the same colors & print as the Zara blanket scarf from fall 2013 and Target's more manageable scarf. I compared those two in this post. The Forever 21 version is long at 60," but will be easier to wrap and style at its 23" width.

More Forever 21
I'm always happy any time I walk out of Forever 21. Can't beat the quick shopping fun at a low price. I've been shopping at the store since there was only one in Los Angeles. That was 20 years ago now. Cray-zay!

The only accessories I've ever regretted buying from Forever 21 are earrings that I bought without paying attention to the measurements listed. They were too big. If I'd just read that they were 4" or whatever they were, I would've passed. It's neveer a loss, though, because my sister looks good in things that I don't. The currently offering are looking mighty sleek. I love the faux pebbled leather backpack, I'm not sure I'd wear the faux leather even though it would be lighter than real lighter. Faux leather is looking good these days, so I'll look for it in-store. The rhinestone beanie is super cute. Could diy, but it's faster for me to buy. The gold metallic bag is only $3.80, so I'd set my expectations accordingly. I'll look for that in-store if I don't order anything online before it sells out. It could be fun to carry misc things in during the holidays.

ETA Promo
20% off sitewide with F21FRIEND Thu, 10/30 - Sun, 11/2.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

$24 Kate Spade-style zip pouches at...

...first -> I have this zip pouch by Kate Spade, the horseshoe cove darek.

These $24 bridal pouches at Target are a good sMacKdOwN:

More Target
Have you seen Target's Zara-style plaid scarf? I reviewed it in this post.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Target plaid scarf (zara blanket style) & handbags

Hi everyone. Remember last year's Zara blanket scarf that took the blogosphere and Instagram by storm? It was huge. Literally blanket size at 50x60 or so. The size is massive to try to swoop around one's neck, but most of us were compelled to make it work because of the great colors. I love mine and plan on wearing it lots this fall. It also makes a great blanket for cozying up in on the couch. Here's a refresher:

Zara scarf

Target does it again, giving us a scaled down version. The oversize plaid scarf ($16.99) half the price, narrower and less thick, making it far more manageable. The most important part is spot on: the colors.

Sweater (S): Madewell's assembly pullover (review
Jeans (28 regular): Loft's modern skinny ankle zip jeans
Shoes (8): J. Crew's patent Martina wedges (similar $59.99$69 and Franco Sarto)

Merona satchel handbag ($39.99) - The blue is striking, but not garish. It caught my eye from across the aisle. Satchel silhouettes are a match for me. 

Mossimo satchel with crossbody strap ($39.99) - This looked pretty good. I would never think it was leather, but I might be fooled for a few seconds. It also comes in a mini version ($29.99).

Mossimo crossbody handbag ($29.99) - Cute color combo. Faux leather can be a little easier to get away with in smaller bags, if that's your goal. It's not looking very real in the pics. It didn't look like leather irl, but it looked better than the photo. Bags like this are good for going out with. If you're out at nite and it's dark, no one will know or even care whether it's real or not. And if you like to put your purse in the middle of the floor with your girlfriends' purses (why!?!), please do it with something like thi.

More handbags

Super random, but we're at Target. I saw glitter bags! They're $3.99 for a pack of 8. And solid black bags. Those might've been $2.99

More Target
Kate Spade look-alike zip pouches for brides & bridal parties in this post.

Do you own the Zara blanket scarf, Target version or neither?

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

J Crew Factory plaid Addie loafers review

These J. Crew Factory plaid Addie loafers ($108) aren't online -> debuted online on 10/29. Of course the tops of these are fabric and the soles man made. I don't have the style#, but if you call a store and describe them, I'm sure the will know what you're talking about.

Size 8 - I have the Addies in chambray polka dot (from earlier this year) and took a 7.5. I felt they were tts, so I was surprised that the 8 fit well in this case. Most of the Addies have fit tts. Although my chambray loafers did feel a little tight the other day. If I were getting these, I would've gotten the 8.

Love the size of the plaid checks. Love the colors, incl the lines of yellow.

But they looked a little too much like slippers. I prefer a more visible sole so that it's clear I'm wearing a shoe. I already have last year's plaid, studded loafers, so these weren't a must have. If I didn't have those, I might've gotten them. Cuz they're plaid!

They look good w/the green.

The Feeling

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