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Monday, March 23, 2015

J Crew Factory embellished rope necklace, crystal teardrop necklace, geometric collage necklace & crystal-lined scallop necklace reviews

In all of these pics I'm wearing the Factory flutter-sleeve top (review).

Factory embellished rope necklace (C7208, $64.50) comes in crystal (white rope), pale pebble & rose petal. This is a scaled down version of a retail necklace.

Pale pebble - I was very interested in this one because I think it will look good with last year's embroidered windowpane top in pale aloe (Instapic). The weight and quality feel like a factory item. This isn't a bad thing. I'm just stated my observation. I do think it will work with the top and other neutrals. I debated getting it, but passed. I have so many costume jewelry items and have been wearing fewer of them as of late. I just haven't felt like putting them on. As far a this necklace, I think I would've been swayed more if the gold parts weren't so dull.

Rose petal - I wasn't attracted to this color combo online, but I liked it irl. The black offers more contrast to the gold pieces, making them look brighter and not so dull.

The Feeling
I decided to pass due to the great number of necklaces I already own, but I give it a thumbsup. 

Factory crystal teardrop necklace (C7826, $36.50) comes in kiwi and crystal (pictured). This one is on the dainty side, but didn't feel cheapie cheap. It's simple and nice enough on its own. I can see mixing this with other retail or factory pieces.

The Feeling

Factory geometric collage necklace (C7206, $64.50) only comes in white (pictured). This is a scaled down version of a retail necklace. If you like pieces that aren't as statement-y as others, this is up your alley. You could probably mix it nicely with another necklace. This one also had a factory feel to it. Again, not a bad thing. It just doesn't have the weight of the retail pieces.

The Feeling

Factory crystal-lined scallop necklace (C7770, $42.50) comes in antique gold. I love the scallops/half moons. The crystal detail is a really nice touch. Another one that felt factory-ish, but not like cheap tin.

The Feeling
This one was one of my favorites that I tried on. 

All items on are marked 40% off thru today, Mon, 3/22. Before you order, be sure to get your Gilt City coupon. The Gilt City offer is good in-store and online, and works with whatever promo is occurring, thru 3/29. You can 'order' up to 5 one-time use codes on your transaction. It will be emailed fairly quickly to you. See what I ordered on Gigi's Gone Shopping.

Did you shop Crewlet over the weekend or are you shopping this sale online?

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Macy's - 25% off with SHOES

There's a nice promo going on at Macy's. SHOES for 25% off of 2 or more pairs ends tonite, Sun, 3/22. It's also good in-store.

The pink flamingo Sperrys also come in a calf hair. I'd consider dyeing the sole a dark brown. Currently $57 in the 3-Day Specials + SHOES.

I finally get to try the Charles David Pact on sale! I'm a 7.5, but always 8 in Charles David and ordered that. I hope the toe box isn't too tight. Oh, and that they're not stark white. I've seen them on a couple of bloggers and they look good. We'll see.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Up to 65% off Kate Spade Wedding Edition. Ends tonite.

Kate Spade's current surprise sale showcases bridal items at up to 65% off. There are a number of regular price items in the mix. Just...

I said yes to the BE DAZZLING bracelet in rose gold over the Christmas holidays. I bought it from the outlet. You can't see the sparkly letters, but the inset rhinestones shine nicely. Going from left to right, it's the 3rd one. I'm sharing this because..

...the bonjour monsieur bangle ($29) in gold is similar. It's in gold, but the letter styling and rhinestones are the same as on the one I own.

The bridal flash sales usually don't get me to purchase. This one included, so I'm safe. For now.

Note that retail items begin with pxru or pwru. Outlet items begin with wkru. However, they're moving on with SKUs, so I don't if oo_ _ _ _ is or ono_  _ _ is retail or outlet. Of course I cannot find a product with that SKU as I look for one right now to give a more accurate example. I'll try to find out.

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J Crew Factory - 30% off new arrivals + 30% off w/Gilt City

New arrivals are up at J Crew Factory. Get a free, 30% off coupon code thru Gilt City. Each code is a one-time use. Note that you can select up to 5 codes when you place your "order." See the red arrow I added to the screenshot:

On my personal wishlist are the...

Crystal flower burst bracelet - Because shiny things.

* Ikat printed Isabelle pumps - You know I prefer leather over manmade. I can't get over how comfortable the manmade Isabelle pumps are.

Scallop necklace - I tried on some necklaces last time I was at the Crewlet and this was my favorite.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Shake it! Fringe handbags (incl a SmAcKdOwN)

Fringe handbags! I've been looking at them for awhile now and haven't found one. Actually, I've only been looking online and have yet to try one on in-person. Let's do a....


Split decision. These are pretty close! The one of the left is real leather. It better be, for the price. I like the gold rings and chain link strap that winds thru them. I love the long fringe, too. The B.P. option has the long fringe, but it's faux leather. It doesn't have the gold ring hardware and the strap is more plain, but you still get the short straps and the longer crossbody. I think if my everyday personal style was edgy, I would go for a higher priced option like B-Low the Belt. Maybe not quite that high, but y'know, if I could catch it ar ound $250 - $300 on sale. The leather would be worth it to me. Of course the weight of the leather can't be too heavy. That makes the B.P. handbag potentially more attractive because it's probably lighter in weight. After all, if this is trend for you, how much do you really want to spend on it? What i know for sure is that I don't want it to look fake. If I got vegan/faux leather, it would have to look very real. Otherwise, I won't carry it. 

ASOS has a fringed suede and leather crossbodyt ($54). The Remi & Reid handbag ($79.99) is leather, but I don't like the fringe on the sides. I prefer it to be across the width of the bag. Good price, though. On Planet Blue there's a leather crossbody by Urban Originals ($77). They don't give measurements for it on the site, though. That one's my favorite.

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