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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

kate spade imelda pumps review

 I did not have 3,000 pairs of shoes. I had 1,060 pairs
 ~ Imelda Marcos

When I was thinking of what to name this shoe/accessory/handbag blog, that quote came to mind. It would be fitting, then, to own Imeldas even though I never thought to look for a pair. No worries because they came looking for me. I knew I had to have these even though I didn't see the style name until after I arrived home. Twas meant to be! Fun fact: I was born July 1 and Imelda was born July 2.

kate spade imelda cutout nappa leather pump ($350) run in size 5, then in half sizes from 6 - 11. Color choices are black and rio pink. They're on sale for $174.98 at Nordstrom. The rio pink went to $210 at kate spade but I'm not sure the black ever made it to markdown.

Size 7.5 - Those are some big bows! I love 'em. The black leather is beautiful. I wear 7.5, but sometimes take 8 in wedges are pumps. The open toe ensures that I have enough room so the 7.5 fit nicely. A reviewer on KS or Nordstrom mentioned that she needed to size down because of the open toe, but that was not my experience. I'm not sure what would be different about someone's foot that they would have to size down because of an open toe vs mine where the open toe leaves me with enough room. If your foot is sliding forward out of the shoe, I think you'd want to size up. Or get some inserts. I absolutely love Size 7.5 and freak out when I can't find them. I don't use them all the time, but when I need a shoe to fit properly it usually does the trick.

The Loft modern skinny ankle zip jeans I have on are more cropped than I'd like. I do like the jeans with the shoes and would wear these with the Loft modern straight jeans in dark rinse or in black. I looove my Loft jeans.

There's a heel zip. Good to know if that's a tricky fit for you. It was easy to put on, zip up and the heel area feels comfortable.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

J Crew Factory printed tissue scarf reviews

Printed tissue scarf (FA14, 17752, $46.50) - 100% viscose. 17752 is the style# for this scarf. The prints vary with each rollout. Style # remains the same each time. There are currently 10 print choices and 9 more prints on sale.

heart print - The color code is NAV for navy. This one is currently $19.99 online.

The Feeling
Cute print. Lightweight and easy to manage/style.

Printed tissue scarf (FA14, 17552, $46.50, color HGR) - horse print - If this was offered online, it has now sold out. I tried it on awhile back. If you like the horse print there's the Addie gallop loafers and gallop sweatshirt (review). Only XL in the sweatshirt at the moment.

The Feeling
All of these scarves weigh and feel about the same. I wasn't enamored with the grey background on this print. It didn't look like horses unless I was close up. I saw elephants. 

New arrivals are supposed to come up on Thu, 11/20. We could possibly see them tomorrow, Wed, 11/19. The red/blk check puffer vest (review) should be in this rollout.

Visit the Factory Irl Pic Guide for reviews

Gigi's Gear today over on Gigi's Gone Shopping.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

kate spade ny gold glitter keds review

kate spade ny glitter sneaker ($79.95) run in half sizes from 6 - 10. Color choices are black, gold and navy at Nordstrom. All glitter.

25% off with BEMERRY ends tonite, 11/16, at Kate Spade and there are three options of these Keds: multi glitter w/pink ribbon laces & silver glitter.

Size 7.5 - gold - There are two lace choices. Regular, black laces that you would find in a tennis shoe. And satin ribbon laces. Super cute, of course. I usually wear 7.5 and would expect to wear that in this shoe. The size 7 fit, but I didn't let vanity take over. My feet swell a little at times, so I knew the 7.5 would be safer.

I love looking at the glitter. I can see my sister thinking these look like old lady shoes. It slightly walks the line of being kitschy more than cool. They're cool to me, though. I've had a comfort issue with these and only worn them once, as a result. They hurt the top of my foot where you thread the laces. The part of the laces closest to the toe. I bent them and am walking around in them tonite to see if they will break in more. I like to go sockless as much as possible, but I think I just need to wear socks with these.

How cute are the back?

Glitter Keds on sale
25% off with BEMERRY ends tonite, 11/16, at Kate Spade and there are three options of these Keds: multi glitter w/pink ribbon laces & silver glitterFree shipping.

Glitter Keds at Nordstrom
Silver glitter at 20% off. Not a promo code. Nordstrom takes markdowns and they usually stay marked down. Free shipping both ways.

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25% off at Kate Spade ends tonite

BEMERRY for 25% off sitewide ends tonite at Kate Spade. I do love their promos very much. I was thinking of ordering the silver glitter Keds, but I already have the gold ones from last year. There are two sets of laces and one pair are ribbon.

Did you shop this sale?

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Friday, November 14, 2014

BEMERRY at Kate Spade

Kate Spade kicked off a nice promo. BEMERRY gets 25% off your purchase, reguar price and sale. Also good in-store.

I love my new indigo bow clutch (Instavid!). It was sold out popped back and then sold out again. It's regular price online and on sale for $54 in-store if you happen to see one. I think they're rare at this point. These are all sale items below, but on the regular price side, I like the playing cards coin purse ($78). A lot.

My treat yourself gift bags ($14) that I ordered on another promo are cute. I don't have any immediate plans for them, but I can see using them during this holiday season.

Kate Spade Outlet - Review Roundup
all outlet in these posts

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Oooohhhh...on sale for $65 at Nordstrom. Free shipping both ways:

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