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Saturday, December 20, 2014

DV Dolce Vita at Macy's

I've been to the shoe department at Macy's a few times in the past month or so. The other day I tried on a number of items and DV by Dolce Vita really caught my eye. I like the brand and I'm sure I own or have owned a pair. The styles have a little toughness or a little flair to some of the pieces, the boots in particular.

I tried on the Marlyn booties (2nd row, far right) and the heel was just too thick. There was not enough separation between the heel and sole. It might as well been a wedge. Too bad because they fit and felt really good. I wear 7.5, but take 8 in Dolce Vita. If you're in-between sizes, consider taking the larger of your two. I take an 8 in all DV boots, like my Fisher fringe booties (review).

I'm really loving the silver Oaklee pumps ($99). A lot. The sandals in the first row are totally out of season for most of us, but they're on sale for $38 at the moment.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Addtl 40% off these trinkets at J. Crew

Free shipping no minimum is over, but 40% off promo & sale styles continues. The code is GIFTFORYOU. It looks like the cutoff date for Christmas delivery is this Sunday, 12/21.

Here are some little trinket items for emergency gifts, the gifts that happen just after Christmas, or maybe an addition to your closet or home.

After snarking a bit on the Hugo Guiness merch, I bought the me me me oval catchall. I'm nervous about the ceramic aspect, but I like it. I purchased it before at 30% and returned it. It'll be a keeper for a fiver and some change. I also kind of like the blah blah blah ornament, but I think it would stick out on my tree decor. I think it's the weaker, thinner versions of the Guinness handwriting that I don't like. When it's just a bit thicker, like on the ornament, it looks a little better.

Yes to those diamond Fair Isle socks that I just noticed today. The navy (pictured) and picturesque pink are my favorites. I go sockless as much as possible and my daughter is the same way. Is it bad to let her go without socks? I need to think it over since I don't wear them much myself.

Are you enjoying Hannukah? Or....have you finished Christmas shopping? Feeling bah humbug? I felt great at the start of the season, took a dip, but I think I'm back on the upswing. These presents don't wrap themselves, though.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nordstrom toddler shoes (sale)

I'm on the hunt for more shoes for Mini G. Target is having s sale on shoes, 30% off with JOY30. I really prefer leather shoes when I can get them, particularly as she gets more active. Nonetheless I ordered a pair of boots from Target for pickup, but the order was canceled. It's a sign! So I bopped over to to see what's on sale.

I didn't find boots I wanted to try for her. My psychological price point is about $25/pair on average, on sale obviously since we're talking about leather. I'll go up to $35, but higher than that and I really have to think about it.

It's hard to keep her in socks and shoes. She takes them off every time she can. I pick her up and she usually doesn't have shoes on since it's winter time and they're inside. Crocs aren't leather, but she loves them. I think she'd like the silver. The brown ones look awful, but they come in black. They're very practical (my thinking), but I don't think she'd wear them. The navy perforated would surely be a hit because they're blue, but you just never know. The purple pair are not what I'd pick for her, but I think they're her personal style. Yes, my 3-year old sticks to her personal style. I don't even try to fight the battle unless there are weather or safety considerations (e.g. no open toe) to dress for.

If you have any other solid, toddler shoe sources, lemme know.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sparkles at Banana Republic

Ba-dow! That's what I thought when I saw how Banana Republic has stepped up their jewelry game.

I've been looking at the crystal link necklace and sparkle chain cuff bracelet, which are almost gaudy. At least from the online pics. And I like them.

If you're in the mall, looking for holiday accessories give Banana Republic a try. There's plenty of sparkle in the line to make it worth a walk inside or ordering online if it's not a hassle for you to return if they don't work out.

30% off your purchase w/BRFORYOU thru Fri, 12/19.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Kate Spade - Under $99 Surprise Sale

Kate Spade kicked off a surprise sale yesterday. It's good thru tonite, Mon, 12/15.

I'm kicking myself just a teense for not getting the bow earrings in gold. They're still available. in silver ($19). Another inexpensive and pretty pair are the pearl and crystal earrings ($19).

There are a number of crossbodys available. Check sizing to make sure it's a good minimum for you or your gift recipient. Some are tiny, which is sometimes a good thing, but when the silhouette is very flat like an envelope that can present a problem.

The southport avenue convertible comes in brown, which is a rare color to see these days. A number of items are available in a pretty rose gold, like the mikas pond lacey wallet. The mikas pond holly ($25) is a great starter Kate Spade gift for a younger lady. Or -- enablert -- maybe you need it to use inside of a crossbody handbag.

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