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Monday, July 21, 2014

POPUP for 50% off at Macy's

Good promo at Macy's!

POPUP gets 50% off select shoes, handbags & accessories thru 11 EST tonite, Monday. Here are the goodies. In my eyes, at least:

These Coach Utopia flats look really cute & net approximately $80 w/POPUP. They also come in other colors with a lobster print on them? I can't quite make it out.

Think quickly. POPUP expires at 11p EST. Tonite. 

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Ann Taylor - 65% off...then 60%

Yesterday, I received the email about Ann Taylor's current, diminishing additional sale promo. I didn't post in time to share the addtl 70% off  sale items thru midnite PST on Sun nite. Here's how the rest of the promo goes:

Save an addtl 65% off sale items -- no code needed -- 12a -12p PST, Monday.
Save an addtl 60% off sale items -- no code needed -- 12p - 12a PST, Tuesday.

Basically, save 65% off  the first half of Monday. 60% off  the second half of Monday. On sale items, of course. Francesa (frenchpixie317 on Instagram) shared that THANKYOU44 will save $50 on $100. It worked on a mock checkout of all sale items.

ETA: Code seems iffy. It didn't work at one point this morning and I updated the post to reflect that information. Then it worked at about 12:30p PST. I just did a mockcheck at 2:30p PST and it's no longer working. So I guess they've officially pulled it.

ETA: Another update. Someone tried the code a couple times over a period of an hour or two and it worked on the 2nd try. So maybe walk away & come back and it'll work. Good luck.

A number of the shoes look about the same with the ankle strap, I have to say. It's just a matter of what color you want or need. And if you want a print, like snakeskin or not. I do like Ann Taylor shoes and all of the ones I own run tts.

The jewelry deals are sweet as well. There are some pretty pieces on sale and regular price jewelry is 50% off , no code needed. I love the sculptured cuff. A lot.

Desert Flower, in case you visit here. AT has a trench dress.

Remember to use THANKYOU44 if your net subtotal is $100+

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

SmAcKdOwN: wildflower necklace - j. crew vs. nordstrom

B.P. floral statement necklace ($14.90 thru Aug 4) - online only

Split decision. I own the wildflower necklace nad really like it. If I wasn't a fan of the size, I would be interested in the B.P. version. That one would look really good layered w/another necklace like the crystal venus flytrap necklace

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

*B.P. disc pendant necklace ($18) - Not on sale, but if you don't like statement necklaces or are over them check it out.

*Cara knot end hinged cuff ($17.90) - A good one if you're going daintier or more minimal with jewelry.

*Dogeared you are mighty pendant ($41.54) - It's very rare to see Dogeared on sale. If you see one you like, go for it. There are 8 total on sale.

*kate spade branton square stone linear earrings ($37.90) - A Nordstrom exclusive. Love the green and the grey.

*kate spade one in a million initial necklace ($37.90) - Pick an initial and it says one in a million on the reverse. Might have to get the letter 'g.'

*Leith feather statement necklace ($24.90) - Fun! I wish I was bold enough & knew how to wear this one.

*Moon & Lola personalized script necklace ($44.90) - What's cool is you get up to 12 letters. What's super cool is that you can use these characters: " # $ % & ' ( ) , - . / : ; = ? @ [ ] \ _ { } ~ £

*Moon & Lola personalized vine font bracelet ($44.90) - Another personalized pretty. I like the black.

*Sara Bella multistrand stone necklace ($37.90) - Very cool. I love the varying lengths all on one piece. My favorites are jet, and cream. Ok, and turquoise.

*Tasha teardrop earrings ($16.90) - On markdown, not part of the #nsale. Good price though, and lots of color choices. I like orange, white, turquoise and fuchsia.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

J Crew floating gems necklace review & pearl starburst necklace review

Floating gems necklace (B1042, ) recently got a 2nd cut from $99.99 to $79.99. Save an addtl 50% off with HOTOUT thru Wed, 7/15.

Past, similar necklace styles that are partially acrylic are the jeweled plates necklace & dazzling pebble necklace (Instapic), both from HO13.

There's mint on this necklace, which pops more in-person that it does in this slightly blurry photo. The subtle brass color of the beads is a nice complement. This necklace would look great with all things grey, one of my favorite colors.

I'm in the Carrie stripe cami which I tried on that day & reviewed in this post.

Pearl starburst necklace (A8644, $118) recently got a 2nd cut online to $69.99. HOTOUT for an addtl 50% off thru Wed, 7/15 makes it an excellent deal.

Pretty. I agreed with another JCA who said it had a Forever 21 vibe to it. However, when I touched it and put it on, I felt differently. It's weighty, but not too heavy and feels like you'd expect J Crew retail jewelry to feel.

I couldn't get the one I tried to lay flat in place. I tried flatterning it out and reclasping, but it still ended up like this. Not sure why.

The Feeling
J. Crew has already made similar versions of these in one style or another. If you already have something similar, you don't really need these, imo. At least that's what I told myself and have stayed true to, so far. If you have nothing like them, they're great deals at the current sale + promo prices. 

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J. Crew
40% off promo & sale items with HOTOUT 7/14 - 7/16
some items get an addtl 50% off

40% off everything & free shipping with SHOPSHOP, 7/14 - 7/15

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

J Crew Emmaline printed mini-wedge sandals review

Emmaline printed mini-wedge sandals (A5165, $198) run in half sizes from 5.5 - 11. Man-made lining & sole, cotton upp, 1/2" heel.

7/7 - $139.99 in-store & online
7/14 - $99.99 online + 40% off w/HOTOUT thru 7/16

Size 8.5 - I wear 7.5, but this was the only size closest to mine that I could try. All of the sale shoes were out on the rack. If I had ordered these before trying, I would've bought a 7.5. A JCA shared that the straps cut into her foot, so after learning that and trying them for myself, I would get an 8.

I like the strappy style, but didn't feel like it made my feet look particularly good. Some color on the toes would be a nice complement.

The stripes are definitely different. I love that. I had to pause to figure out how to unbuckle and buckle the shoes. They were higher maintenance than I expected, in that regard. I recommend sitting down when you're putting them on for the first time. Bending over while trying to figure it out wasn't working out well for me.

The black fabric on the sole should be cotton, according to the web description. It looked like suede. In either case it's going to show your toe indentations.

The Feeling
If I asbsolutely had to have these, I would get them. I would just be sure to not wear them anywhere that there was a lot of walking or on a scorching day because of the possibility of the straps cutting. There's also the crazy tan lines to consider. The stripes are unique, but I'm not sure it's worth any foot pain. For those reasons, I'm on the fence about these. If you like them and the price is right, go for them. If you're not sure, consider passing.

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J. Crew
40% off promo & sale items with HOTOUT 7/14 - 7/16

40% off everything & free shipping with SHOPSHOP, 7/14 - 7/15