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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kate Spade Outlet - new arrivals! (Apr 2014)

New outlet pics to share! These are the new arrivals for April at the Kate Spade outlet.

gigiofca's 2014-4-Apr-KateSpadeOutlet album on Photobucket

Remember that you can call a store & request a send/sale. Only $5 to ship. The SAs can also communicate via email, so if you want to send them a photo from this slideshow just call and tell them you want more info and can provide a photo.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

J Crew Factory - new arrivals (bow heels!)

New arrivals are up at J Crew Factory.!

If these synthetic Isabelle printed bow pumps are as comfortable as the botanical printed Isabelle pumps (review), then they will be mine. The website description does not say online only, so I'll look for them in-store.

And how about those stripe anchor loafers. Too cute!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kate Spade - pave stainless teeny watch

Kate Spade's pave stainless teeny watch (1yru0418, $250) is currently sold out on the company's website. Pop backs do happen. From the website:

shiny rhodium with pave crystals
mother of pearl dial
10mm face
strap width: 9mm
water resistant

I haven't worn a watch regularly in years. It's the sort of thing I'd like to wear in theory. However, even pre-cell phones, I never really wore them. That didn't stop me from ordering this little pretty.

Very cute. I will admit that I didn't know if I had the watch right side up or not. I kept looking for the spade as my North for the watch. Even once my eyes locked on that and confirmed I had it at the 12 o'clock position, I still couldn't tell what time it was without thinking really hard about it. And squinting.

The closure. I would've had 3 links removed to have it fit close to my wrist, but not tight.

I wear bracelets consistently and thought this style would mix well. Hence, I'd wear the watch. Right? Well, no, not if I can't tell what time it is.

Here it is with the pop fizz clink bangle and a narrow, white Kate Spade scallop bangle. See a wider bangle with fewer scallops in goldnavy bluered and silver.

With a multi-stripe Kate Spade bangle and a bright green enamel bangle from J Crew (old). I liked this combo.

Too large of a bracelet will over power the watch. This black & crystal bracelet is by J Crew (old).

With a pave ball bracelet. (c/o Etsy seller BeadzandBling). This one is a little big next to the watch, but mixed ok.

The Feeling
Very pretty, but a return for me. 

More teeny

I recently learned that watches are not being produced for the Kate Spadeoutlets at the present time. So if you see any, they're retail.

MARCHBB20 gets 20% off one full-price item thru this Fri, 4/18. It's also good in-store, so you might just mention the offer as they will likely apply it.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Loft - strappy slide sandals

Strappy slide sandals ($29.50) run in half sizes from 5-10. Synthetic materials.

Size 8 - To be honest, I'm guessing that I tried the 8. I'm pretty certain I did, because I thought it ran in whole sizes only. This is the size I would choose. I have a medium width foot and my feet tend to swell a little in warmer weather. In most cases I choose an 8. Especially with synthetic shoes since they don't stretch.

I love the tan and mint combo. I wasn't a fan of it in this sandal on my feet, for some reason. My sister has a mint pedicure right now, which  I think I would try w/some tan sandals to get the same look. 

Yeah, I wasn't feeling this v-shape connecting to the horizonta strap. 

They weren't particularly comfortable. I could wear them as a fashion statement, but wouldn't put them on if I were going to be on my feet and walking for long periods of time. 

The Feeling
I like the colors, but not the style or comfort. 

More from Loft
I wish I'd seen the strappy bow sandals ($29.50) in-store to try. It's very likely that I'd overlook synthetic materials for a bow. I ordered the geo cotton eyelet dress (6), modern skinny zip ankle jeans in white (29/8P, missed the 'skinny,' might need to re-order before promo ends) and striped split neck tunic as a ridealong (XS, there wasn't a S).

Save 40% off at Loft with TREAT. I hate when they say 'for a limited time.' Just tell me when the dang promo ends. rant over. 

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

J Crew - Callie high-heel sandal (cobblestone)

Callie high-heel sandal (A0531, $238) runs in half sizes from 5-10.5, 11 & 12. Color choices are beige stone, haven blue & warm cobblestone. As of 4/9 or so they were cut online to $169.99 online. I've seen the dark cove in-store for sure.

Size 8 - The color reads as grey, leaning a little toward taupe. It's still grey to me. It's not very brown, imo. I originally tried 7.5, which fit well. However, I tried them on cold days where my feet were at their smallest. I know I will need the extra room of the 8 so I went for that. I'm usually 8 in J Crew wedges & heels so I should've known.

I love these sandals.

The Jessica Simpon Larsenn (review) is very similar in color. I waited until I had the Callies in hand to compare them side-by-side. I really want to have some funk -- the good kind -- in my wardrobe. However, I couldn't go for the because they're synthetic. I'm sure I'd only wear them this year and $80 or so I paid at that time wasn't worth it to me. Macy's currently 30% off 3 pairs of shoes or more with GREAT. One reviewer is saying the brown is leather. I am sure the ones I tried were not.

Another shot. Love the Larsenn, but I prefer the Callie as my final pick.

Ema, if you are reading...don't worry, I still want to #stayjuicy. 

More Callie
I reviewed the dark cove in this post and compared the Callie to its sister, last year's Mari sandal. The Callie high-heel metallic sandals are also now on sale, $198.99.

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