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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ivanka Trump Carraly calf hair pumps review

I purchased Ivanka Trump's Carraly pump on Amazon. I have tried on at least 5 pair of her shoes and own 2-3 pairs. I've found them all to be tts, so I ordered a size 7.5. That's my usual foot size. I considered the 8 because of the pointed toe, but one of the Trump pumps I own have a pointy toe and they're 7.5.

The Ivanka Trump Carraly are also available on ZapposFree shipping both ways.

Ivanka Trump Carraly - sz 7.5 - The animal print that looks like a paw -- like this one -- is a little cartoonish to me. I usually don't like it. However, I really loved the colors in this one. Also, I'm an Ivanka Trump shoe fan and figured I couldn't go wrong.

I've been looking for calf hair, animal print pumps and want the heel to be covered in the calf hair. This fit the bill. The black strip of leather is a nice connector between the two pieces of material covering the shoe.

But I couldn't get my foot in! My left foot is the one that can sometimes push me into taking a sz 8. I couldn't even get the shoe on. My weather is currently mild, so there's no case of my foot being swollen, fyi. I had to return them. Sadly, the 8 was out of stock when I returned them. Not sure if I will pursue asking them to match price for the sz 8. I have been bumming around more in clothes and wearing boots, but not nesc heels. 

I was able to get my foot into the right one, but what's the use if the left one is no bueno. Without having both shoes on and being able to walk in them, I couldn't tell if they'd be too high or not. I could probably walk in them, but who knows for what distance. I would never try to wear these shopping, but they need to be manageable for a period of time and need to feel comfortable.

The Feeling
I love the lines of the shoe, the colors and the print. I was really, really surprised that they weren't tts for me. I might pursue the 8. Not sure as I found the J. Crew dulci calf hair kitten heels (review) after a persistent search. I think the pitch on these might be too steep for me.

I tried on the Sam Edelman Delilah (Instapic) last week and absolutely loved them. I can't do D'orsay, though,, unless they're a low heel. I felt wobbly in them, so I didn't buy. 

I also tried the DV Dolce Vita Oaklee in an 8. I'm always an 8 in Dolce Vita, but not in these. They were loose on the sides. I wasn't a fan of the wavy insole. I guess that's supposed to keep your toes from sliding and jamming into the front of the shoe. This is another brand where I size consistently, but it didn't work out. I wasn't interested enough to try a 7.5 considering it cost me to return the pair that didn't work out.

More calf hair.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kate Spade Outlet - current offerings

Hello and thanks for stopping by. I believe there was a mini rollout at the Kate Spade Outlets around the 3rd week of January. There was a larger rollout a couple weeks later. Here are a good number of the items that I saw around Valentine's Day.

gigiofca's 2015-2-Feb-KateSpadeOutlet album on Photobucket

I've been taking pics like these at the outlets for awhile, but the last two times I've been approached by staff about it. Apparently, there are knock-off pop- up shops selling counterfeit goods items overseas. Some are kiosks, some are full stores, like this fake Apple store. The first time a staff member approached me, she didn't make me feel bad in any way. She asked me to take pics of individual items and as we continued our conversation I learned about the fake stores. I got the impression this has happened with Kate Spade goods, with the counterfeiters going so far as to recreate the store displays that are current. Which is why I was asked to only take photos of individual items. No problem.

When I recently visited, a staff member on me right away, telling me to take individual pics. Again, not a problem. She interjected a couple minutes later, telling me no pics of the tags. I was irritated about that because I like sharing specific information about the style number and price in case you want to call a store to order. There's nothing like trying to describe a purse you saw here or somewhere on Instagram. Unless the bag is kitschy, the SAs don't do well with over the phone descriptions. They're impressively more knowledgeable about product names, based on my experience

At any rate, I complied, of course. Overall, my visit was a negative experience because I felt like she was watching me from other parts of the store. I sat down at one point to give Mini G fruit snacks and whose gaze do I meet peering over to see what I'm doing? I wasn't going to let myself feel bullied, so I took my time and continued to take pictures. It wasn't nearly as fun as it usually is. Usually I take 5-6 pics of me holding a bag to give you an idea of scale. I wasn't in the mood to buy anything except for the triangle Paris bag, which was of personal interest to me. I bought it and the only reason I did was because my favorite salesperson happened to come in. She saw me and was friendly and lovely, as she usually is.

I ended up calling the store on my way home because I noticed my salesperson wasn't credited. Which has happened before. I forget to check my receipt for the salesperson's name before walking away from the counter and one of the other times she didn't credit, it was for a $300 coat. Even though this purchase was small, I felt compelled to call in. The person I reached to discuss the salesperson credit issue was a manager, so I also disussed how I was treated about taking photos. Turns out she's the one that had discussed it with me previously and diplomatically before. She handled the telephone conversation in an excellent manner. In the conversation I told her that I don't really need another Kate Spade handbag and feeling can be a factor in why I buy something. I'm sure I'm not the ideal customer. They want someone who wants & needs a new handbag or bracelet without thinking about it, right? But I think many of us have reached a shopping saturation point. We don't really need another pair of pants/top/sweater/handbag and it becomes easier and easier to just walk away when you feel treated less than.

Who thinks up these scams anyway? I certainly don't and have no inside track to any of it. It amazes me the things that crooks are able to come up with and pull off.

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I like these on the retail side
Becky sandals ($228) - A slide with a bow. Three color choices.

* Break the Ice cooler bag ($50) - The one, lone reviewer is disappointed that it's lined in pvc. What did she think the bag was designed for?

* New York Times canvas tote ($25)

Stripe Rumsey watch ($125) - I ordered one KS watch. It was pretty, but tiny! I'll be looking for this one in-store to see how big the dial is. Super cute.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

SmAcKdOwN: ballet slipper colored sandals

Sarah Jessica Anna pump from 2014 (review
  Nude kitten peep toe sandals (keyword search on My Habit)

The SJP pumps had an opening retail of $345. The Nude pumps have a retail price of $119, but are $65 on My Habit. The cost/wear would be much faster at the other pair & price. The colors are a little different, but both are pretty.

I own the SJP shoes and haven't worn them. Given Nordstrom's great return policy, I might exchange them for something I'll wear right now. Hard to say since I'm going thru a fashion conundrum, as discussed at the bottom of this post on Gigi's Gone Shopping.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

J Crew Cyprus sandals review (calf hair & jeweled)

Cyprus calf hair sandals (B6693, $88) run in whole sizes from 5 - 12. This color is called small leopard brown (SLB). Calf hair upper.

Size 9 - I wear 7.5 and usually wear 8 in whole sizes. There was no 8 to try, so I tried the 9. Surprisingly, they fit very comfortable. I tried on the solid white ($78) in 8 and couldn't get the flip to flop. They felt tight across the top and threatened to keep my foot flat. I couldn't see walking in them. This size 9 gave my toes enough room to sit comfortablly in the front, allowing the flip to flop. Hopefully that makes sense.

The Feeling
There is a small, raised heel, but I would plan on wearing them when I didn't have to walk a lot. A personal like for me.

I think if you have a narrow toe line/width then go with your usual whole size. If your foot is squared off at the toes like mine, consider going up a size. So for me, I would be going from 8 to 9. Here's a pic from an old review showing the pointed Everlys (narrow toe box) vs my toe line. My foot is a medium width, definitely not wide. But my toes are more squared off than slanted.

Cyprus jeweled sandals (C1324, $158) run in whole sizes from 5 - 12. This color is called navy. Cotton canvas upper. Leather lining.

Size 8 - There's more stretch in the fabric of these pair, so the size 8 fit well. I could flip and flop just fine. I liked them better on display than on my feet, though.

They felt dressed up hippie. Notice I didn't say hippie chic. It's a fine line. I think they would look much better (on me) with an anke length jean or shorts, but it's not a match for me. I think it's the fraying (?) that ruined it for me.

The Feeling
I like the way they looked, but not on me. 

J. Crew

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kate Spade Surprise Sale ends tonite

The current Kate Spade Surprise Sale was very popular. A good number of items sold out within the first 24-36 hours. Not that I was keeping tabs or anything. I had a cart of 5 items, just looking and watching. I'm trying to not to bite on these sales until I sell a couple of KS bags that I don't think I'll ever use. The fact that they sold out quickly made it easy.

I own the gold coast maryanne ($189) in cashew. I love the color and the handbag. I always feel chic carrying it. The last thing that's left from my wishlist is the bonjouor monsieur bangle ($29). I have a similar one in rose gold and love the inset rhinestones. The cove street airel ($169) wasn't in my cart, but it's a beautiful neutral with simple style.

Still available:

Did you shop this sale?

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