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Monday, September 29, 2014

SmAcKdOwN: fan clutch & addtl 25% off at Anthro


Split decision. I haven't been inside an Anthropologie in at least a month. I'll have to visit soon. In the meantime, I look online regularly. When I saw the Halve Maen clutch, I immediately thought of Kate Spade's Milan clutch. The Anthro option is woven, like a straw handbag and the shape is a half circle. The Kate Spade handbag is patent leather and more of a traingular shape. I've seen it in-person and I love it. If I don't get it on sale and they do an outlet version, I hope they make it in black. I was thinking of trying out the Halve Maen, but I like the more literal fan shape from Kate Spade. Doze tassels, doe. Makes me love 'em both.

I took a chance via Groopdealz on the earrings I'm wearing in these pics. I've worn them a number of times, which was a surprise to me. Anthro's Estrallado drops are similar.

Photo is from a post about BlogHer14.

SALEONSALE gets 25% off sale items thru tonite, Mon, 9/29. I'd be all over the two-tone Terra wedges if I didn't already have an identical pair in solid black.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Mini Gi's new kicks

I haven't been paying close attention to my little Mini G's feet and she's now a 7.5. My mom took her to Nordstrom to get shoes last weekend. I believe they measured her as a 7, but they recommend going up half a size. I don't see the shoes she picked out, but they're green with polka dots on them. It's not a shoe I would ever buy for her. It's interesting to watch her put together her own style. The other day she wore three different patterns and I had to leave the room. I had no sleep, per usual, and all that pattern set my preppy self on edge. After I got over it, I actually appreciated her vision. She had put together a blue theme and it worked. Surprisingly, the green shoes have worked with way more than I expected.

All of Mini's current shoes are size 6, so I need to replace the lot of them. We have a few pair of sandals she can still wear while the weather is shifting, but I need to replace the close toed shoes. I think she'll like these purple Saucony ($24.19). The Cienta ($33.95) come in 7 colors and I chose navy blue. She loves blue and both of these pairs are similar to shoes she currently has. I didn't show them to her before purchasing beause I think they'll be #minigapproved.

I also needed to replace her rainboots, so I opted for the Kamik stomp, which she has in grey. This year she wanted pink and purple. The rose/lilac is perfect and she picked that over plum, so they're on the way. I felt the 6 ran a little big last year and she was a 6-6.5 at that point. Even though Nordstrom said she should wear 7.5, I think the boots will be good in 7. I just saw these Western Chief light up boots for $29.95. She would've loved that they light up, but they only have size 8 and up.

She had so many pairs in size 6, but she did wear them all regularly. For this size, I think 2-3 pairs + the rainboots will suffice.

How many pairs of shoes does your toddler have? Also, if you have any toddler shoe shopping recommendations or tips, please share!

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

PINCHME at Madewell

A new promo rolled out today at Madewell.

PINCHME gets 30% off promo & sale items. Promo items end in .00 and are returnable. Items ending in .99 are currently final sale. The return ban might be lifted when it gets close to the holidays. Free shipping on all orders.

I'm really loving the look of the denim downshift top. The pockets on the sides are really cute, plus unique. I like that they're high up. I asked for measurements. Can't have too much chambray, right?

Size S - chest = 38.25", bottom opening = 41.5", front length 26.5"
Size M - chest = 40.25", bottom opening = 43.5", front length 26.75"

Find anything good?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

FLASH70 at Ann Taylor

I love seeing what Ann Taylor's flash sale will be each Sunday afternoon. They just launched one of my favorites. 70% off sale items thru midnite.

Tomorrow, the discount drops as follows...

65% off sale items thru 12p, Mon with FLASH65
60% off sale items thru 12a, Tue with FLASH60

Yes to the trench dress (review), which nets $39 w/the 70% off. I took a gamble on the modern tropical wool straight leg pants (not pictured) in size 8P. I ordered about 90 min ago when all sizes were available. Now only 2 & 12 remain. Last month, I tried on another modern trouser in 8P and loved them, so hoping these $29 one are winners. I have the edgy crystal chandelier earrings and they're very pretty (eta: now sold out). FWIW, I find Ann Taylor shoes to consistently be true to size.

Happy shopping!

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Madewell nightglen plaid scarf & cityguide scarf reviews

Nightglen plaid scarf (FA14, B2387, $58) 78 3/4"L x 23 1/2"W. Wool. Dry clean. 100% wool.

What a pretty plaid color combo. I usually don't like frayed edges. I almost didn't mind them until I saw...

...the holes. The scarf has holes woven into it. I don't know whose idea this was. Someone whose kid is rehearsing as Tiny Tim in The Christmas Carol? The scarf is all kinds of wrong with the holes in it.

The Feeling
I wanted to give it a thumbsdown, but the colors in the plaid and the pattern are beautiful. #notgigiapproved, though.

Cityguide scarf (FA14, B3540, $62) is 63"L x 38 3/5"W. 100$ Wool. Dry clean. The color is called antique cream.

This goofy picture is to give you an idea of the scarf's scale. I'm 5'0".

The antique cream color is rich and pretty. It looks off white. That's the oversized button-down shirt (review) in XS. The pattern on the scarf is sketched parts of Manhattan.

The Feeling
Madewell's city scarves are beautiful. Highly recommended. Thumbsup. 

20% off of $100+ or 30% off of $200+ thru Mon, 9/22. Full-price promos are far and few between. #justsayin

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