Tuesday, October 21, 2014

J Crew Factory plaid Addie loafers review

These J. Crew Factory plaid Addie loafers ($108) aren't online. Most items that hit the stores show up online, but on occasion there is no crossover. Of course the tops of these are fabric and the soles man made. I don't have the style#, but if you call a store and describe them, I'm sure the will know what you're talking about.

Size 8 - I have the Addies in chambray polka dot (from earlier this year) and took a 7.5. I felt they were tts, so I was surprised that the 8 fit well in this case. Most of the Addies have fit tts. Although my chambray loafers did feel a little tight the other day. If I were getting these, I would've gotten the 8.

Love the size of the plaid checks. Love the colors, incl the lines of yellow.

But they looked a little too much like slippers. I prefer a more visible sole so that it's clear I'm wearing a shoe. I already have last year's plaid, studded loafers, so these weren't a must have. If I didn't have those, I might've gotten them. Cuz they're plaid!

They look good w/the green.

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Baublebar Sale

When Baublebar first opened, I bought a couple things and was very pleased with them. Then there was a period where the quality went down, so I stopped purchasing. With new jewlery trends popping up, I decided to try them again. My last order had been placed a year ago, so that's how long of a break I took. I have the crystal arc ear jackets in gold and the teardrop reverse studs. Love them both.

From the sale section.

Sign up here for Baublebar. That's a referral link, which gives me a credit on the site if you're new to Baublebar.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

3 J Crew Factory clutches & a crossbody reviewed

Factory leather envelope clutch - henna (51632, $78) measures 7 1/8"H x 10 1/2"W x 2"D. Henna is darker than this. I'd call this saddle. The leather is smooth, which is nice, but it's almost too smooth to the point where you wonder if it's real. It's definitely real leather.

The retail invitation in henna was richer. I bought and returned that. The leather seemed to scratch easily. Doesn't this color and the leather finish look boring? Pass for me. For reference, I'm 5'0".

Factory leather envelope clutch - metallic silver (51632, $78) looks a little gold in the photo, doesn't it?

It was a bit too matte and gray looking for me. I don't want it to look like a glowing book under my arm, but this leather didn't float my boat either.

Factory leather envelope clutch - pale gold (51632, $78) looked pretty good. I have the retail invitation clutch in gold and the leather has more texture to it. It's more metallic, too.

It's a nice pale gold and won't look too gaudy if you were worried about that. This was my favorite option of the three.

Factory quilted envelope clutch (B4215, $98). I wasn't enamored when I originally pulled this out of the bag. It's very matte, so no richness to the black. Plus, the black seems to have that brown sort of tint to it. Not a pure black. It grew on me, though.

Retail on the left. Factory on the right. The leather on the retail is darker and richer. I didn't like the quilting pattern, so I didn't buy it. I want quilted squares, not ellipses or footballs mixed in there. The factory version has a narrower footprint as far as space. It's a little narrower. But I like the quilting pattern. Once I compared the two pics, it made me like the factory one more. Leather conditioner could make a difference.

There's also a quilted mini purse ($88). I shop on the edge when I buy handbags online, rarely considering the measurements provided. I just go off my interpretation of the online pics. Unless I really need it to be a certain size. Without looking at the measurements, that one seems a bit too small for my needs. The leather and quilting look good, though.

I have and love the chainlink suede envelope purse ($78). Mine might be retail, but the factory one looks good. #gigiapproved. I didn't like the . The pinot noir shade just isn't rich enough. It looks a little sun faded.

Factory mini colorblock bucket bag (A6909, $158) is currently $78.99 online vs. $79.97 in-store. I like the color combo. The leather looked good. I'd be sure to leather lotion before carrying it. I use this one.

Cute. A decent size, but not too big for a crossbody.

It has a hobo style cut, though, which I usually don't buy. Plus I'm too much of a Kate Spade nut. See the gorgeous bag I bought the other day (last pic).

LEAVES gets 30% off regular price & promo, 40% off clearance and free shipping no minimum. Code is good today, Mon 10/20 only.

Shop with the Factory Irl Pic Guide.

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Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram - 4 Kate Spade sale picks

Anyone have a shopping hangover from the weekend sales? I hope not. It felt like the promos were in full force the past few days. Even more prominent than any Columbus Day promos. Which I noticed very few retailers, if any, called their sale a Columbus Day sale.

I'm always looking around, but my trigger finger is slower these days. I got the Kate Spade Imelda pumps, Despite trying them on multiple times and even wearing them while blogging, I forgot to review them before Friends & Family ended yesterday. From the outlet, I got the riverside street felix (last bag in this post). I had my doubts while in-store, but now have no regrets. Love it!

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sak's Friends & Family ending soon.

Sak's Fifth Avenue's Friends & Family is coming to an end at 12am EST.

Use FRNFAM for 25% off your order. There are some exclusions. You can stack FREESHIP for free shipping, no min. Thumbsup on that.

Tory Burch is one of the retailers I look at regularly online, but don't always write about. Until it's sale time, anyway.\ (slaps knee). I still don't own any and I think I know why. I'm label loyal and right now I'm all about Kate Spade, whose Friends & Family Sale ends tonite. The code for that is F14FFUS.

Sak's sells Tory, so if you've missed out on Shopbop's F&F & Tory's recent F&F, here's your chance. Le sigh over the racer stripe satchel.

Hope you had a good weekend!

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