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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

J Crew new arrivals - shoes & accessories

I'm a fan of the latest rollout at J. Crew.

I bought the Marlow hurache mules. I wore mules the first time, I'm sure. I don't know if these will work for me, but I like the lace top.

My other favorites are the...
crystal cube bracelet - nets $40 on this promo
garden party bracelet - I think I'd wear this.
handcuff bracelet - - J. Crew, getting their 50 shades on.
Hayden hobo - in blueberry navy, even though I'm partial to Kate Spade and don't need another handbag

Did you order on this promo?

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kate Spade reviews - Ibarra heels, Brittany sandals & Abilene wedges

Ibarra heels (s944177ca, $350) run in half sizes from 5 - 11. Color choices are light camel and white.

Size 8 - light camel - I wear 7.5 and take 7.5 or 8 in Kate Spade shoes. I had a feeling the 8 would fit well and it did. That's the size I would choose. My feet swell a little in warmer weather, so even if there's room in a strappy sandal like this, going up a half size to 8 is sometimes the way to go.

I've seen these a few times in-person now and they're so beautiful. I love the straps and the chunky heel. I love the orange heel, too. It makes a beautiful combo w/the vachetta like leather.

I'm 5'0", to give you an idea of scale.

I got really picture happy with those. Would love to own them. 

Brittany sandals (s1511368m, $198) runs in half sizes from 5 - 11. Color choices are gold and luggage.

Size 8 - gold - If you try these, be sure to lift the straps so your foot slides as far as it can to the front. I did that and still felt that my foot was sitting at the back of the shoe. Slides aren't my strong suit. I could probably go with 7.5, but I would want to try them on first to be sure. Which means no final sale for me unless I were able to do so.

The gold metallic is subtle. I like the eyelet-looking straps. I don't wear a ton of prints, but I would probably prefer something plainer, without the punched out detailing.

Abilene wedge ($250) runs in half sizes from 5 - 11. Color choices are black and natural.

Size 8 - natural - Again, I wear 7.5. In these I would stick to the 8. They fit well. If you have a slim foot or sometimes size down, you might stick to tts.

Size 9 - black - There was a 9 on display, so I tried them. I would stick to the 8. The black & white colorblocking is nice.

Imorana heels - Reviewed in this post

I don't do so well in slides, but the Iggy sandals ($150) look so cute.

For cheaper thrill, check out the desk accessories, which run about $30 and under before the discount.

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p.s. Need help and it's during business hours? Contact Melissa and her team at the Walnut Creek store, (925) 934-5893. Tell them Gigi referred you. Even if you don't mention me, you should

My blog posts almost always have affiliate links, but I have no direct affiliation with Kate Spade. I get no kickbacks or incentives if you're helped by Melissa.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Kate Spade imorana heels, splash out fish tote & everything's going swimmingly bangle reviews

imorana heels (s944193su, $375) run in half sizes from 5 - 11. Color choices are pink multi and black.

Size 8 - pink multi - I wear 7.5. In Kate Spade flats, I usually take 7.5. In the heels, I believe I have some 7.5 and some size 8s. These were a good fit & I'd take the 8.The block heel makes them very easy to manage.

Beautiful colors. I almost wish the jewels were just a little smaller, a little better quality and that there were 4 of them. I didn't spend a lot of time inspecting them. They just seemed a bit faux, and that was from a far. Yes, I know they're faux, but I don't want it to look like I glued on some randoms from a craft store.

Lets talk about my Kiss Press-On Nails. I bought mine at at Target. I see a $5.99 price online, but I paid $7.19.. You can get a 2-pack for $15 on Amazon.  They're so easy to use! A few have popped off and I simply glued new ones on. I'm impressed with the durability given that I forget that they're press-on and act like they're my nails. I think I did a couple dishes with no gloves. I will continue to use them and probably just pop them on when I need my hands to look nice. I'm not sure I'll try to wear them on a daily basis. My tote is Kate Spade (old). 

My tote is Kate Spade from 2013. Similar, also by Kate Spade:

splash out fish tote (pxru5488, $298). The color is called island deep blue/black/white.

The beach! I could totally see taking this to the beach. A nice beach. A hip beach. A resort beach.

It's so quirky and literal, but I was loving it.

I wonder if they'll create an outlet version. Love the straw, love the cobalt, love the zigzag pattern. My rhinestone link bracelet is (old) J. Crew. See a similar one for $20 at Target. The glass stone bracelet I'm wearing is also (old) J. Crew and I don't see a similar one for that.

everything's going swimmingly hinged idiom bangle (wbru9693, $78) - This one is ok. There are better idiom bracelets where you can more quickly make out the words. Of course it's nice that the colors in the bracelet are echoed thru the collection.You'd want to put this with the dive in bangle and/or head in the clouds bangle.

DEAREST gets 25% off your purchase online. It's also good in-store. It's a distinctive sale because there's no minimum purchase required to have the discount applied.

Awesome service.
If you would like assistance from a store with anything Kate Spade related, call store director Melissa and her team in Walnut Creek, (925)934-5893. It doesn't matter where in the U.S. you are. I recently referred a Midwest friend to the store. Tell them Gigi sent you.

I've known Melissa for as long as I've been blogging and from her J Crew days. She's one of three reasons I didn't give up on J. Crew during the website re-do of 2008. Melissa's service is impeccable and fun!

If you're in the Roseville, CA area, a new Kate Spade retail store is opening in a little over 2 wks on May 4th! If you would like to be on the store's emailing list, please email me gigiofca@gmail and I'll forward it to the store director. Please use the subject line Kate Spade Roseville and if you're a blogger or Instagram, let me know that in the email, too.

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p.s. Check out my review of the darling, Dorothy bow coat on Gigi's Gone Shopping.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Darling shoes at Aldo

I was walking by an Aldo store in San Francisco and a pair of cute shoes caught my eye. They always showcase *the* cutest ones in the window. I used to look at Aldo more regularly when I would go to a particular mall that has a store. I haven't been going there very much at all anymore, so it's been a long time since I bought a pair of their shoes. They currently have a nice mix of synthetics and leather. More leather offerings than they had in the past.

Paules ($80) - Probably a bit high for me. I had to catch my mom up on the concept of car-to-bar shoes. She got it right away. lol The ankle strap adds some potential stability. I love the mint and polka dot combo.

IRL pic of the Paules thru the store window. I'm not finding the shoes on the site, but the stripe handbag is the Molleda ($60).

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p.s. Kate Spade's Friends & Family begins tomorrow. The code is DEAREST for 25% off.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

25% off at Shopbop

SPRING25 gets 25% off at Shopbop.

Shopbop sells Kate Spade. And Kate Spade is promo eligible. I would buy each and every one of these. I'm particularly interested in jeweled sandals, which I keep telling myself to buy and not try to DIY. I can see it being a waste of time and money, so just buy some that I like. I missed out on J. Crew's last year. Those had large stones and I love the xl stones on the Bacau jeweled sandals. The latest round of watches are really cute. I purchased a Kate Spade watch, but the face was so teensy that I couldn't read the time. I would like to see the stripe Rumsey in black. I'm trying to continue to stick to things I know I'll wear right away. I'm not really a watch wearer and not letting my stripesick self talk me into "trying it." I have a well-carved path in that slippery slope.

And my third top pick is the Hawthorne Lane stripe tote. Note that it isn't leather. I saw it on someone and it's really cute irl. Also, I'm pretty sure my narrow stripe Kate Spade tote isn't leather. However, it's wearing very well despite the fact that I load it up.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Promo eexclusions include 3.1 Phillip Lim, Acne Studios, Alexander Wang, Birkenstock, Canada Goose, Gareth Pugh, Giambattista Valli, Herve Leger, Hunter Boots, Jason Wu, Jennifer Meyer Jewelry, KENZO, Maison Martin Margiela, MCM, MICHELE, Monique Lhuillier, Moschino, MZ Wallace, Narciso Rodriguez, Nina Ricci, Rag & Bone, Rodarte, Salvatore Ferragamo, Stella McCartney apparel, Stuart Weitzman, Tory Burch, Versace and Victoria Victoria Beckham.

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