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Monday, January 26, 2015

Macy's 50% pop-up sale

Macy's has a great pop-up sale today. KICKIT gets 50% off these boots & shoes. There are more boots than anything. The INC strappy platforms with the puff net $45. They come in the pink (pictured) and black. They make me think of a 50s movie, budoir scene. I'm diggin' 'em.

Let's face it. All of the tall boots start to blend in. But if you obsess over the details, like I do, they're all unique in some way. I think I'm good on black. I've been looking at the brown. I might order the Ralph Lauren Becca (top row). Those look good. Net $85 or so? Nice price. Ugh, just checked and they're only available in 8 in the brown. I might have to go for it.


* Coach 50/50 boots - net $150

* Michael Kors tall boots (wide calf) - black or brown (I like), also in regular calf, net $163

KICKIT ends at 11:59 ET tonite, Mon, 1/26.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Cheaper J. Crew for cheaper

I would really love having the Dulci glitter stripe heels. My size keeps popping back and selling out, so I'm not sure I'll catch them on sale + promo. I noticed these Factory pumps, which have the same flavor. Cheaper J. Crew for cheaper! The Isabelles are man-made, but many oles these days are. I try to at least get a suede or leather upper. The suede is upper and quality is probably nice enough.

Dulci glitter stripe heels ($238) vs. Isabelle cap-toe pumps ($68.99 + 30% off w/TICKTOCK)

I own the Isabelle pumps in a couple other patterns. I wear 7.5 and take 8 in them, as I do in all J. Crew pumps & wedges. Pics & review here of last year's Isabelle stripe bow pumps.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

EXTRAEXTRA for 40% off at Anthropologie

This is something. Take an additional 40% off sale items with at Anthropologie. The code is EXTRAEXTRA. I haven't even been able to browse the site effectively. It's been jammed up. I did manage to make it thru the shoe section and these were among the few that still had some sizes left. Anthro's lack of final sale probably removes hesitation for many shoppers. Of these, my favorite are the gold Tamar shooties, lower left.

Have you shopped this promo?

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Gorgeous (sale) picks from Nordstrom

Our temps are on a warming trend (60s) and I'm bummed about that. I hope we get another cold spell. We had very warm weather up until November and then the weather flipped. Each and every year I forgot just how busy December is for me as the final month of the 4th quarter comes to a close. I was caught off guard when the weather flipped to rain, instead of a usual cooler trend. I never did get to rotate out my closet. I'm not even sure that's a realistic goal in a mild climate. Maybe my aims have been wrong.

Here are some sale treats from Nordstrom. The fabrics and styles look comfy and luxe. Exactly how I want to look at any time of the year, particularly in cold weather. I'm particularly in love with that Michael Kors watch.

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

J Crew Downing tote review

I own a J. Crew Downing tote (A4399, $168) from last year. I like that the outline of the handbag has structure, but the body is fluid and loose. There are days I like structure and days I want it to fit tuck easily under my arm.

This is one of the newer colors and I was so sure I'd see it online. I don't. It's been out for a couple weeks, I believe. If you can't tell, it's bright yellow. I'm 5'0" to give you an idea of scale.

If I were getting the Downing tote, my choice would be warm taupe (review).

SALENEWS gets 40% off the tote thru Mon, 1/12.

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