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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kate Spade 2 Park Avenue Babe review

Kate Spade 2 Park Avenue Babe (pxru4760, curr $479) The prefix pxru denotes that it's a retail item. I found it at the outlet.

What a big, bad bag!

tall lookout cone denim in high-rise white (30, need to get them hemmed)
J Crew Maya sandals - See the Banana Republic Karmine

I thought if I hopped into it, I just might fit inside. It's super big for my 5'0" size. And I loved it.

It's navy. I saw this on the way out and snapped these few picks. No further investigation. So I don't know if it's an open top or has a zip. Based on the style and types of Kate Spade totes I have, I'm going to guess that it's an open top style. Kate Spade is consistent about having a small interior zip pocket and 'feet' on the bottom. I feel confident saying this bag probably has those attributes.

The 2 Park Avenue Babe  also comes black. It's regular price on Zappos. and on sale on Amazon. There's an Ebay seller selling the black at a discount.

Banana Republic classic trench - currently 20% off w/BRLABOR thru 9/1
pearl pairs necklace (Instapic)
classic link bracelet- nets $39 w/WEEKEND thru 8/31

The Labor Day promo is a continuation of what's been going on for at leaast a week. 40% off storewide + addl 20% off handbags. You won't be able to use any outlet coupons becaues they're handing out the 20% coupon at the door. Promo ends Tues, 9/2.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

J Crew - Labor Day WEEKEND sale

The Labor Day promo at J Crew is WEEKEND for 25% off select styles, 40% off  promo items (ending in .00) and 40-50% off final sale.

The dulci perforated kitten heels are already on sale. I reviewed the calf hair dulcis and would expect the perforated to also run tts. TTS as in your regular retail shoe size. Not your J Crew tts. The falsetto printed leather pumps (review) are still available in all sizes. If you love the Valentina silhouette (I do!), the mirror metallic perforated are $199.99 + WEEKEND and currently available in 8, 10 & 11. They're online only, so no chance of them being cheaper in-store.

on sale

Shopping (this) WEEKEND?

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Target 50% BOGO

The other day I saw each pair of these shoes on women. I thought the leopard pair might be from Forever 21, so I had to ask and learned they were from Target. One thing I love about the Target about the website is being able to check store availability. I confirmed the shoes were available near me and like a good shopping blogger, went over as soon as I could to check them out.

Buy One Get one 50% off shoes, no code needed. I'm not sure when the promo will end. The new promos roll out on Sundays, so it could end as early as tonite, Sat.

Mossimo Supply Co. Dedra - quilted ($24.99) runs in half sizes from 5.5 - 10 & 11. They're black.

Size 7.5 - I'm 7.5 with a medium foot width. Sometimes I take 8 in pumps or wedges. I like to make sure that there's enough room in man made shoes since they usually don't expand or bend much. I thought it was possible that I might take an 8, but the 7.5 fit very well. TTS, imo.

The quilting looks good. I like the size of the diamonds. The faux leather looks good. Not too shiny.

So cute.

Mossimo Supply Co. - animal print ($24.99)

Size 7.5 - These are cute, too. The paw print leopard is a little cartoony compared to other leopard prints. I usually don't like it, but I do in this case.

A close-up. I thought they might be more hair-y, but they're not. There's a little bit of texture to them. Similar to a chamois, but not as soft. The faux leather trim looked pretty good.

An even closer shot of the print. Maybe it's closer to a thin, faux-suede than chamois. Here's evidence of gluing. It doesn't bother me. No one will see it and geez, the shoes are only $25. I'm not expecting them to last forever.

One concern is the insert that was freely moving around. I'm not sure you want it glued down, though. As I said, for the price, I wouldn't analyze them too much.

These are higher in price, except for the Forever 21 slip ons. I wouldn't be surprised if they're by the same manufacturer.

The Feeling
Thumbsup on both pairs of shoes.
Rhinestone medallion necklace - I like.

Are you into the slip-on trend? I can totally use shoes like these when I take Mini to the park.

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On Gigi's Gone Shopping

Wet Seal
currently 2 for $20

Friday, August 15, 2014

EXTRA40 at Madewell

I've been waiting for this one.

Save 40% off promo & sale items at Madewell. I needed to re-order the piazza maxidress in a 4 and got that. One of the other things I'd order is a scarf. I absolutely don't need another, so I won't. But I like to look. In this set is the medina clutch, which impressed when I saw it irl.

Let me know if you found any goodies.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

J Crew collection dulci calf hair kitten heels review

Collection dulci calf hair kitten heels (A9771, $345) run 5.5 - 11. Color choices are hazelnut leopard & white black stripe.
  • 2 1/4" heel.
  • Calf hair upper.
  • Leather lining and sole.
  • Made in Italy.

Size 8 - hazelnut leopard - I usually wear 7.5 in most shoes. In J Crew I usually take an 8 in umps & wedges. I thought that might be the case for these pumps. They were actually too big. I'd get a size 7.5. I have a medium width foot.

Lovely, pointy silhouette. Not cartoony or  costume-y.

The grainy cell phone pics aren't capturing all their glory.

Too big in size 8. I'd get the 7.5, which is tts for me. Pass for me because I own the collection Martina calf hair wedges (review).

The Feeling

Here's a irl pic of the Chelsea leopard rain boots . They were too high up for me to reach & try on. They look a little too long in the front for my taste. Love the print & colors, though and I hope to try them on.

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p.s. Have we met?

J. Crew
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