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Thursday, June 25, 2015

J Crew jewelry reviews (SP15)

There are lots of markdowns at J. Crew and a good number of things moving to final sale. We'll continue to see more of this trends as we head towards July. Can you believe that the first wave of fall merchandise will be out in a month?

I'm so glad I was able to try on some jewelry last nite so you can see it in-person. If it's not available online, perhaps the photos will help you decide if you want to hunt some of the pieces down in-store.

Painted flower bracelet (C9493, $78) - now $59.99. The color is white. Pretty design. The flowers are so interesting. They feel like they're going to be a little spongy, but they're not.

I cannot be bothered with the foolishness of the string closure. I wish they'd stuck to a traditional jump ring closure.

The Feeling
I hate the friendship bracelet closure. It makes it difficult to fasten. Sidethunmb because that's a personal preference. Other than that,the bracelet is pretty.

Floral wreath necklace (C9421, $158) - now $119.99. I've been wanting to try this on since it came out. The texture of the flowers is interesting. They feel like smooth, dry ceramic. Not in a bad way. The feeling isn't slick like shiny, ceramic bangles. I like the rhinestones in the center of the flowers. The off-center placement of the one in the right-hand side of the pic doesn't bother me. The asymmetry gives the necklace interest. I also like the cloudy, white rhinestones. I did not like the yarn balls. They're made of cloth and can attract dirt and stains.

The Feeling
Another unique design from J. Crew. It's a beautiful necklace. The dirt attracting yarn balls were a deal breaker for me. 

Beaded blossom necklace (C9432, $110) - now $84.99.

I liked the idea of this more online than when I saw it in-person. It's a mix of seed beads and yarn. It sits high on the neck. I found it to be a bit costume-y. However, I owned a similar necklace a few years ago. I think it was mostly black. It was a fun, summer piece. I didn't get the feeling on this one, though. If you also have textural issues, you might not like it. That yarn.

The Feeling
I can't get into the yarn design, but that's a personal preference. The number one thing I love is that the colors will go with J. Crew clothing; past, present and future. And the touch of rhinestones is nice.

These are the same yarn balls that are in the floral wreath necklace above. See how they can get dirty easily? I"m not sure what this necklace is doing. It looks very industrial. Not a bad thing. Just not my style.

The Feeling
Not a personal like for me. I like the bright orange, though, and love how it goes with my J. Crew blouse from a few years ago.

Garden party necklace (C9493, $150) - now $109.99.

This was released earlier in the year. It's my first time seeing it up-close. The design reminds me of a few necklaces released over the past couple years. Names escape me. Basically, you might already have something similar. That's how I felt when I tried it on. There are lot of rhinestones. Some in-between the flowers and some inside the flowers.

I liked it on. I did wish it sat a little lower, but that can be fixed with a necklace extender.

The Feeling
Thumbsup. It echoes a couple past designs, so check your collection before purchasing. 

Tortoise chandelier earrrings (C9510, $85) - now $64.99. I didn't try them on because weird. I held them up and they're beautiful. I agree w/online reviewers that they're heavy. However, I differ on why. The pieces that make up the design aren't too heavy for the materials. I think they kept it as physically light as they could. It's the hook that's weak. It's too dainty to support the design. They should've used a stud as the base and supported it with an earring backing that has the plastic circle around it. Beautiful earrings, though. Thumbsup.

Linked bangles bracelet (C9013, $88) - now $64.99. Color choices are gold and silver. Each bracelet has a hinge. I found it to just fit my wrists, which are medium. If you have small wrists, there will be more room. In that case, you might be able to position the bracelets higher up on your arm or further apart to show off the chain. I preferred the silver over the gold. It's very Fifty Shades. Plus -- I'll be honest -- with all the things going on the United States today, some people are going to see shackles.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New free shipping at Last Call Neiman Marcus

I went to Neiman's to look for a necklace. I think I saw it there, but I'm not sure. It was awhile ago now, so it's probably sold out.

I like the website, so I look around regularly. I tend to stick to shoes and jewelry when browsing. They have a lot of J. Crew-like jewelry at the moment. Deep savings, too. An extra 30-50% off everything. No code necessary. My favorite from these is the panacea crystal beaded statement necklace (curr $36). I like the white and the touch of mint, last row in the middle.

You can now have items shipped to a store, free of charge. This would be a good option for me. I'm always eager, but rarely in a rush to receive something. There are two stores within a reasonable distance for me. If I don't like the item in-person, I can return it right away in-store.

My most recent jewelry purchase was the J. Crew gold-tone crystal necklace, still available for $40 at Net-A-Porter. I dont' believe it. I ordered it a week ago. Check out my Instapic. Love it!

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Kate Spade review - shaken not stirred bracelet

J Crew chambray: sim J. Crew ($78) and at J. Crew Factory a similar shade & a little darker
J Crew necklace: sim  at J. Crew and J. Crew Factory
Forever 21 earrings: I buy earring sets like these at Forever 21
Kate Spade: try Ebay 
J. Crew capri scarf on chair behind me (2014 review)try Ebay 
Lipstick: M.A.C. red

Here are a few of my favorite Under $25 Kate Spade items, all available with free shipping both ways at Nordstrom.

I own the newspaper tote ($25) and newspaper tumbler ($16). The newspaper tote and polka dot tote ($16) are sold out on Kate Spade.

Book lovers check out the like a book insulated tumbler ($18) and like a book thermal mug ($18) at Kate Spade. Free shipping both ways. Neither are available at Nordstrom.

I doooanbelieveit! I finally got my first official YouTube video up. I could tell you all the ways I'd wave a magic wand over it to make it better, but why ruin the moment! I didn't expect the first video to be perfect. It will be interesting to look back at this one after I get more under my belt. I hope!

I've been trying to record videos for months. All the way since last year, to be honest. At first I let equipment be a barrier. Once I bought the equipment I convinced myself I needed, I recorded a number of videos, but let editing be a barrier. Earlier this year, I spent 3 wks trying to figure out how to edit a video. I asked for help from a few sources, ranging from my 17 year old niece to my brother attempting to help me over the phone. All I wanted to do was remove flubs. Nothing fancy. But there's something I'm missing in understanding how video editing works, so I gave up.

A couple weeks ago I watched a video by Sarah Michelle Brown of Videos That Shine. She addressed the editing issue and suggested making a video that doesn't require editing. Just press record! Between that and my best friend, A'da (she's here on Instagram) & I holding each other accountable for tasks to be completed by Sunday nite, I went ahead and did it.

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

J Crew Collection gingham dulci heels at 30% off

I love J. Crew's Dulci heels. They were first released in fall 2014. I waited for the ones I liked to go on sale, but most sold at full price. Some sold on on a full price promo.

I'm a believer and was able to score a unicorn of a popback in the suede glitter stripe dulcis. I'm also not a quitter and like a special agent hunting a fugitive, I also got a hold of the leopard dulcis (review).

Earlier in the week, J. Crew released gingham dulcis ($228). They seem very fall, but I can see them with a white dress like the one in this set. You can get the gingham dulcis for 30% off with SHOPNOW thru tonite, 6/5.

A few years ago, I wasn't in the kitten heel fan club. The heel felt to low and I didn't like the inward swoop that most of them had. The heel on the dulci is more on the straight side, with no exaggeration. I can wear a midheel comfortably and push a stroller, but there's no doubt that a lower heel makes it easier. Even if I'm sans stroller, I sometimes need to travel faster.

I think I just talked myself into ordering these.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Leather backpacks

On the most recent Kate Spade Surprise Sale, there were three backpacks available. Two were stripe, with a leather flap. And one was all leather. I didn't buy it because it didn't have a drawstring closure or another way to secure the pack before closing the flap.

Instead, I decided to buy the Calvin Klein Chelsea lamb backpack ($268). I don't always measure bags before I order and gauge the photos to decide what the size might look like. Smart, I know.

As long as it's not final sale and is easily returnable, I don't mind disappointed if it's not exactly as I expected. This bag was far too small, though. I also didn't like the Calvin Klein nameplate, no offense to him.

Here are others that I came across during my search. I weighed 2-3 of them for a few hours, but the Calvin Klein was the only one that made the cut.
Of course now I'm like...uh, leather backpack, what? I'll revisit the thought when fall merchandise rolls out.

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p.s. Check out a jeweled sandal sMacKdOwN here on 1060. Plus, Old Navy reviews on Gigi's Gone Shopping.

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